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Welcome to this collection of short Videos of Peterbald cats and Kittens brought to you by Shamira Cattery.
You will need the Flash Player to watch them - which, if you happen to not have on your computer already, is free and you will be automatically prompted to go to the Macromedia website and download it.
These videos will be updated periodically as well :)

PD cats at play - video from Shamira
This video is of a group of kitten and adult Peterbald cats playing with a teaser.

Another group play video from Shamira
Another teaser-play-time video of my PDs.
Two Peterbald Kittens
This video was supposed to be meant to show Hadara's brush coat, but she let Jace steal the show :) . Look to some of the video clips above to see her in action!
Ceri and Ami - 2 adult peterbald cats
This video shows Ceri (now retired) and (albeit briefly) my PD Stud, Ami. Sorry these 2 of Ceri are a little dark....
Retired queen PD playing
Ceri again, all alone this time. Also a little dark, still sorry ;) .



More videos will be added.
Keep checking back!



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