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What sets Shamira apart?

Kate Mabry and Peterbald kitten
"What does Shamira mean?" is a question I am often asked.  Shamira is a Hebrew word that means "protector" or "guardian".  It is not intended to describe the cats themselves; they are so friendly and outgoing that they tend to trust anyone and anything.  Instead, it reminds me of my responsibility to do my best to find a safe, loving, and appropriate home for each and every kitten that comes through my home.  I love these cats, and truly pride myself on raising healthy, well socialized, and high quality Peterbald kittens. 
stud cat in diaper
    All of our cats are given free reign of our home.  The kittens are raised underfoot and are well handled.  We do not cage our cats with the only exception being those that spray, and only as a last resort. And, even the hosers get lots of free (diapered!) time to run the house. Beyond that, if a quarantine is required for any reason, the cat is confined to our bedroom to ensure continued attention.  Proper socialization can be a big problem for a large cattery, and this is why we prefer to keep things small.  Our cats are handled from the beginning, as much as the mommy will allow.  There is no shortage of attention with the special helpers we have on staff, seen at the left.  A cat from Shamira will be familiar with the sounds and love that young children are so uniquely able to provide.  Of course, all interaction is closely monitored, and the special focus of "little person" attention is something that all of our cats adore.
    Our cats are also familiar with our other pets.   In the past (and likely again in the future), we raised Vizslas, a medium-sized hungarian pointing dog.  We still own several of them, and they are introduced to all of our cats at a young age.  The dogs really love the cats; in fact, we are pretty sure that our youngest male believes he is a cat as he truly seems to prefer feline companionship.  We have found that this early introduction can make all of the difference for an easy inter-species introduction in your home.
vizsla dogs

    With loving care, each cat is given the best start that we are able to provide.  You are certain to be thrilled with the affectionate and well-adjusted kittens that come from our family to yours.






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