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Russimystic Ivanna of Balduchi

Balduchi Amadeus of Shamira "Ami"
This beautiful little Peterbald guy will be coming up to fill the void Stepan will leave once retired from breeding.
He does still have some kitten coat, as you can see, but I am hopeful that he will become a beautiful 'Hairless' (shammy/suede or flock) coat adult cat.
We well miss the big guy's beautiful babies, and hope to keep him here as an alter.
But I am very excited to see how this guy grows!
Specail thanks to Tatyana Smushkova of Balduchi Cattery for this handsome fellow!

PD male stud chocolate spotted tabby
A fine little chocolate spotted tabby Peterbald male
photo 5/07

Legs, tail, body; he has wonderful type :) You can see his residual velour coat here, too
photo 5/07

photo 5/07
Peterbald profile
This is a wonderful example of the 'proper' Peterbald head and profile, long, straight lines, two planed head, excellent chin, I am very excited to see his kittens!!
photo 5/07
PD profile head side
Again with the PD profile photo

OK, so his ears are a bit higher than I would like, but how can you ask for it ALL lol?? They do have wonderful size and shape!
photo 5/07
PD male
I love his coloration; a chocolate spotted PD with that high, reddish rufusing
photo 5/07

photo 5/07
flock coat Russian Peterblad hairless cat
This beautiful Russian Peterbald boy is 7 months old here.
He should become a hairless cat as an adult
photo 2/14


long tubular body
Here is that lovely, long, tubular body that we like to see in the Peterbald and Oriental cats.
photo 2/14

Peterbald body
And the lovely, long tail and legs to match!
photo 2/14

Russian PD photo of profile
Sorry for the off color, but I love this little guy's head! The length, the straight profile, the chin, it is all there :)
photo 2/14
Russian PD PBD
photo 2/14

photo 2/14


photo 2/14

photo 2/14

Peterbald cat
photo 2/14

The length and strenth of the head on this young male Peterbald kitten are really looking excellent!
The standard calls for a flat forehead and a straight line from the brow to the nose.
The chin is supposed to be strong and aligned with the nose.
The body is to be long and tubular, with long legs and tail in proportion with the overall cat.

Grace, elegance, svelte - that is the impression that you should be left with when you see a Peterbald cat!

And then there is his sweetest disposition!

Flock coat Russian Peterbald kitten - future stud cat
I am so pleased with this boy!
photo 1/19/2007

Male spotted tabby peterblad male
photo 1/19
Peterblad cat kitten profile
Photo 1/19

Russian peterblad hairless cat kitten
on the hunt!
Peterbald cat photo 1/19

PD kitten cat
photo 1/19
PD cat kitten
photo 1/19
russian hairless cat
photo 1/19
Peterbald kitten smiling
Smiling in his favorite place of all - insinde my vest
Photo 11/2006

Sleeping Peterbald kitten
You have to be quick to catch him asleep --

Russian Peterbald kitten in trouble!
Because the next thing you know he will be into SOMETHING!!
Russian Peterbald on the move
And back on the move!!
russian peterbald 6 month old hairless cat
photo 11/25
PD male kitten
photo 11/25

Peterbald male kitten
So, these may not be as clear as I would like, but they are just for those of you wondering about Ami's eye color and shape...
photo 12/21

Peterbald cat head shape
photo 12/21
PD kitten hairless cat
photo 12/21
Russian Peterbald not a Sphynx
photo 12/21
two Peterbald kittens
Awwww Aren't they too cute??
photo 11/15
Peterbald kittens and friends
So, who is cuter, the kids or the kitties??
photo 12/21
Peterbald kitten hairless cat
photo 10/21
Peterbald cat photo hairless not a sphynx
photo 10/21
Peterbald profile
A little closer look
photo 10/21
peterbald kitten cat PD profile photo
His profile is looking very good, and what a strong chin he has!
photo 10/21
peterblad chocolet spotted tabby male stud to be
Did I mention how I LOVE spots?
hairless cat peterbald kitten tabby cat
photo 9/27

Peterbald profile
He likes to lick, but not the flash!
Green eyed chocolate spotted tabby peterbald stud
I think his eye color will be a very true green

Peterbald male stud - face picture
At least I caught him with his eyes open!

Peterbald cat

Peterbald head shape
And again, this is the slight shape difference that sets the PD apart from the OSH and SI - a blunt wedge
You can't enlarge this one;
but would you like to guess where he ended up? lol
Peterbald cat body shot - spots!
And here he is,
'home' with me :)

Ami about 7 weeks old

7 weeks

here we are around 5 weeks

5 weeks

about 4 weeks for these 3 photos

Ami, around 3 weeks old

This is Ami's mom with a half brother from a later litter

Ami's mom and her litter are on the left.






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