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This is Mercuryhold Malyshka, "Baby",
Specail thanks to my friend Olga Shidlovskaya of Mercuryhold Cattery for this fine Peterbald girl.
She is a gorgeous, dark chocolate flock queen with lovely, long legs and body.

happy kitty
Happy Baby in her sunny spot


big PD yawn
Languishing on the couch :)



She is a lovely girl,
only happier in your lap
than in the sunshine


pd queen
Baby is a lovely, green-eyed Peterbald queen
photo 2/2/2007

peterbald low ears extreme
Now, her ears are nicely placed, but this photo just goes to show those of you looking for 'extreme' cats why you need more than 1 or 2 photos to be sure of what you are getting!
photo 2/2

Russian Peterbald  Profile
Her profile and chin are very nice
photo 2/2

blunt wedge shaped head
A blunt, wedge shaped head is preferred for the Peterbald. See how her face does not taper to a fine point at her nose?
photo 2/2

pd queen
You can just see her 'winter fuzz'
photo 2/2
lovin the sun
photo 2/2

Photo 7/2006

chocolate and chocolate point peterbald cats

Baby and her mom, Masha
Photo 12/2006


photo 4/2006

Photo 4/2006

chocolate peterbald queen

Photo 4/2006

Photo 4/2006 -

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