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TICA show in Vancouver, BC, Canada - November, 2005

It was a long drive North, but we had a great time! We were very well recieved by the judges, and had examples of every coat type present. I took Stepan for his very first show, and also brought Gemini, Masha, and Masha's 3 month old kitten, Anya for her first show experience. Anya was too young to ring, but over half of the judges asked to see her and many of them gave her a 'test' run. She did excellent and they all just loved her!

Stepan was the big winner this time, taking 9 out of 15 rings over the weekend! Congratulations to him (I always told him he was beautiful :) !)
Masha gave him some competition, taking 2 rings for herself!
And Gemini got one, too!
Who doesn't love kittens? Anya did great!
And this little fellow provided some stiff competition! Neva brought this chocolate brush male, NW Wedgies Prince Charles, who took 4 rings himself.


I love my Sturdi cage - and so did the girls!!

Stepan just loves to hide from his admiring public ;)

They were one ribbon short at the show, you didn't mis-count...


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