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Meet our Oriental Short Hair queen, "Chelsea".
Her 'real' name is SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour, and she is a gorgeous brown (black) ticked tabby.
As a 3-show TICA Supreme Grand Champion, you won't convince me that my high opinion of her is mere bias :)
Her coat is so short and close lying, she almost appears to be a hairless cat.
She is an invaulable addition to my household, specail thanks to Susanna at Purrsia Cattery for allowing her to become a part of my vision for my program!

Oriental Short Hair cat Profile
photo 12/1/2006
osh female queen
photo 12/1/06
straight on ears Oriental cat
photo 8/2006
OSH body picture
OK, I know these photos aren't the best,
but would you take a look at that body??
And this is her winter 'fluff' !! What a coat!
photo 12/1/06
OSH at play
photo 12/1/06
Oriental short hair cat profile photo
photo 12/1/06


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