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Here are photos of adult Peterbald Cats.

All of these photos have been used with the permission of their owners.
Specail thanks to Olga Shidlvoskaya and Mercuryhold cattery of Russia for permission to use some photos of a few of the many beautiful Peterbalds from her Mercuryhold lines!

Most of these pictures you can click to enlarge

Volshebny Zver' Chello

(This is Stepan's father)

Katie Malika San


Alessandra Volshebny Zver'

Izida Volshebny Zver'

Mercuryhold Zahariy

Mercuryhold Yana of Volshebny Zver'

Mercuryhold Yana of Volshebny Zver' with kittens

Chester Volshebny Zver'

Volshebny Zver' Russkaya Zagadka

Volshebny Zver' Russkaya Zagadka
Want to know what I am working towards in my breeding program? Take a look at this enviable beauty! Don't I wish he were mine!

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