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This is NW Wedgies Gemini of Shamira,
a very nice tortie brush coat with a long, lean body and legs to match.
There is a tuft of fur on her forehead, but her profile is so smooth that you can hardly feel any break when you draw your finger up her profile.
Her babies were outstanding!
She has now been retired and gone home to live as a pet with her breeder.

Gemini, photo 4/2006
Just 2 days before she is due with her first litter!

Photo 4/2006
She was pregnant in this photo, too

Photo 1/2006

Photo 1/2006

Photo 9/2005

And here are a few photos of her
as a younger lady.
She was beautiful from the beginning!

Photo 5/2005

Photo 4/2005 -
just 10 days old!

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