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Some of the strongest Peterbald lines around! 

Peterbald and Siamese cats, raised well socailized and cage free  

Sundancenbare Sphynx Cattery

High quality Sphynx out of Utah  


Sphynx n Parrots cattery homepage. Lots of photos here, and information about the care and breeding of cats.


A Donskoy cattery out of Russia. Look here for some great hairless cat art, too!  

Free Pet Classifieds - Offers free pet classifieds to pet enthusiasts. Browse thousands of ads. Pets, accessories and services.

Cat, Cats, a Feline Paradise! - If you love cats, visit now for tons of free cat stuff!  

Cat Lovers Only - - A website for cats, cat lovers & feline admirers everywhere! Cats are Awesome!

For more information, check out Neva Barker's Peterbald cat group at yahoo groups:


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