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RW TGC McInkats Moki of Shamira
Chocolate Spotted Tabby
Oriental Short Hair Stud
born 4/2006
This super sweet OS has gone on to his forever home ~
We will miss this sweet little guy, but he is in a fantastic home!
~ Nixie and my Niko will be around in the show halls and continue his fine lines ~
Specail thanks to Karen McInchak for making him availble to me!!

OSH male
A spotted tabby is supposed to have a good, clear, solid dorsal stripe down the center of the back, like this :)
photo 5/07

photo 5/07

photo 5/07

photo 5/07

photo 5/07

Licking his chops, sure, but he does have a nice profile... And teeth :)
photo 5/07

photo 5/07

photo 5/07

Well, I had to use the timer for this photo, so sorry for the angle but I wanted to show off the body he hides so well!
photo 5/07

Oriental Short Hair male OSH chocolate spotted mackeral tabby
Yes, I know the color is off here... But doesn't he look so soft and warm ? :)
...not to mention long bodied and leggy ;)
photo 2/14

OSH profile
The head of the Peterbald cat and the Oriental Short Hair (and the Siamese) should look the same from this angle - long, 2-planed (sraight line from the nose up to the forehead, then a turn to a flat forehead), with a strong chin that is in line with the nose.
photo 2/14


Have a hard time seeing the chin in the last photo?
Well, he was talking to the teaser here so you can see how long his chin is more easily :)
photo 2/14
photo 2/14


I'll try to catch him again in the next few weeks...and get the lighting better next time ;)

Oriental Short Hair boy
photo 2/14

OSH spotted over mackeral tabby
Moki is a chocolate spotted tabby OSH cat
photo 2/14

Oriental Short Hair male cat 9 months old kitten
Oriental Short Hair cat, 9 months old
He is not looking so much like a thick kitten anymore, is he??
photo 1/19/2007

OSH Oriental short hair cat kitten
Moki does have great, long legs...
See how high up his legs the fur is?
He is very muscular and heavy and was sinking into the couch on this backdrop :)
photo 1/19
OSH breeder oriental short hair cat kitten
photo 1/19
OSH stretch
photo 1/19
OSH cat
photo 1/19
Oriental Short Hair male chocolate spotted tabby
photo 11/15/2006
OSH male cat
photo 11/15
OSH cat body
photo 11/1/2006
Oriental Short Hair Stud male cat
He is absolutely the sweetest tiger that ever was ~
photo 10/21
Oriental short hair profile photo
photo 10/21
OSH sutd
Long and lean, a beautiful boy
photo 9/20
Oriental Short Hair Male Cat
I love the spots!
photo 9/20
Oriental Short Hair Profile
photo 9/20
Chocolate Spotted Tabby OSH
photo 9/10
Oriental Male Cat
I keep telling him he should always
keep his ears like this....
Oriental Short Hair Cat
...and then he looks at me like this LOL

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