Balduchi Amadeus of Shamira, Peterbald tom stud male cat   Hypnotique Adonis of Shamira
Oriental Short Hair OS stud tom cat

Brown (black) Tabby , Brush coat Oriental Short Hair OS
Future Stud cat
photo 6/07/2009
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Pedigree of:
Hypnotique Adonis of Shamira

Brown (Black) Tabby
OSH n 23
Born: 2/9/2009
Sire: GC FIN* Kattilan Walkie Talkie of Felitan
Dam: Shonstar Spazmatzz of Hypnotique

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GC FIN* Kattilan Walkie Talkie of Felitan
OSH a 24
EC FIN* Kattilan Two Five Charlie

OSH a 23
EC Kattilan Al Capone
OSH c 24
EP, WW 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 FIN* Kattilan Ilmari Itainen
OSH n 25
Kattilan Hilarious Hilary
7th Heavens Chara
OSH a 24
GC, RW Quanmarra Genesis of 7th Heavens
cs 24
CH 7th Heavens A Zillion Stars, DM
OSH n 24
Miniroyal's Most Wanted
EC Tammee's Magic Spot JW
OSH b 24
CH Decias Brown Huntsman
OSH n 24
EC Aliens Xantippe
Miniroyal's Miss Matrox
OSH h 24
EC Timille Isidor
Miniroyals Mata Hari
OSH b 24
Shonstar Spazmatazz of Hypnotique
OSH f 24
CH 7th Heavens Zeus of Shonstar
OSH bs 24
GC, RW Quanmarra Genesis of 7th Heavens
OSH cs 24
GC Showtime License to Thrill
CH Quanmarra Yiang Yian
OSH ns 24
CH 7th Heavens Place in the Sun
OSH b 24
GC RW 7th Heavens Quassar
OSH c 25
CH 7th Heavens Tierra Infinita
Purrsia Vannya of Shonstar
GC Pzazz Australian Legacy
SGC, IW Quanmarra Monnie Prince of Pzazz
Pengar's Mary of Pzazz
SGC, RW Shonstar Mon Ami of Purrsia
OSH n 25
FIN* Kattilan Jay Bee of Shonstar OSH b 25
GC Shonstar Liberty Belle