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PEDIGREE - SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour
Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby Oriental Short Hair Queen

OSH Oreintal Short Hair Cat

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SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour DGR Pzazz Australian Legacy of Purrsia
 -Red ticked tabby OSH male
IW SPGR Quanmarra Bonnie Prince of Pzazz
 -Brown classic tabby OSH male
SPGR Korindah Silva Nova
 -Silver spotted tabby OSH male
DBGR Korindah Harry Houdini
 -Ebony silver spotted OSH male
GCH Yankana Kubla Kan
-OSH male
Korindah Thai Silk
-OSH female
Maclae Diamond Lee
 -Seal lynx point SIA female
CH Lovegrove Diamond Jim
-SI male
GC Penzance Melissa
-SI female
Quanmarra Fifth Avenue
 -Blue silver spotted tabby OSH female
Showtime Mouseketeer
 -Seal point SI male
CH Rama Verci Vidi Vici
-SI male
Kalinya Sweet Krissie
-SI female
GRCH Quanmarra Fidji
 -Blue silver classic tabby OSH female
DGC Korindah Limited
-OSH male
DGC Quanmarra Arween
-OSH female
Pengar's Mary of Pzazz
 -Seal tortie point SI female
Pengar's Vincent
 -Seal point SI male
QDGR Pengar Batcat
 -Seal point SI male
Atonre's Vanessa of Pengar
 -seal point SI female
Rakasha Jaelithe Sh'Tori of Pengar
 -Chocolate tortie point SI female
GRCH Raksha Shofanhow Ephel-Dueth
 -Seal point SI male
SPGR Ciara's Go 2 Blazes
 -Chocolate tortie point SI female
SPG Shonstar Mon Ami of Purrsia
-Brown Ticked Tabby OSH female

Kattilan Jay Bee of Shonstar
-Chestnut Ticked Tabby OSH male

Another photo of Jay Bee

GR Kattilan Illmari Itainen
-Ebony ticked tabby OSH male

'05 '04 '03 '02 '01 European Champion Oriental Short Hair

EC Felitan Fabulous Felix , photo 2
-Seal point SI male

Myfun Country Cowboy of Klazeekats
-Seal point SI male
CH Sum Thai Sabrina of Felitan
CH Valinorin Vivace
-Lavendar spotted OSH female
Kaikunimen Don Ottavio
-Lavendar spotted OSH male
Kossikat Scatha
-Blue spotted tabby OSH female
Kattilan Hilarious Hilary
-Chocolate point SI female

EC Kaikunimen Don Ottavio
-Lavendar OSH male
A second photo , and a third

EP Kaikunimen Osmin
-Chestnut OSH male
EC Lilliput Lakka
-OSH female
Felitan Texas Rose
-Seal point SI female
CH Felitan Elrond
GC Myfun Winnipesaukee of Felitan
-Seal point SI female

Shonstar Liberty Belle
-Ebony classic tabby OSH female

Another photo of Liberty

and another!

IW SGC Shonstar T-Map
-Ebony ticked tabby OSH male
CH Felitan Stilletto of Shonstar
-Chestnut silver ticked OSH male
Felitan Mithril Magic
-Ebony silver classic tabby OSH male
GC Myfun Winnipesaukee of Felitan
-seal point SI female
RW GR Felitan Sushi of Shonstar
-Ebony silver classic tabby OSH female
RW GC Felitan Mithril Magic
-Ebony silver classic tabby OSH male
Korindah Kendalia of Felitan
-Ebony silver classic tabby OSH female

CH Shonstar Silver Belle
-Silver spotted tabby OSH female

And, yes, a second photo

Felitan Stumpelstilskin
-Ebony silver spotted OSH male
Korindah Ernie Dingo
-Ebony silver classic tabby OSH male
CH felitan Silver Seranade
-Ebony silver mackeral tabby OSH female
RW SGC Shonstar Chocolate Truffle
-Ebony spotted tabby OSH female
RW SGC Felitan Boomerang of Shonstar
-Seal lynx point SI male
RW SGC Felitan Xena of Shonstar
-Ebony Spotted tabby OSH female

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