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At Shamira, we have found that our special cats prefer special beds!
Placing a heating pad under an open bed is nice for them, but our custom cat beds hold and maintain warmth in a whole new way!  All of our cats have their own, and they LOVE them!!  There is not a time when they are not overflowing with happy, sleeping kitties.

All of the dome beds are reinforced so they will not collapse if your kitties like to lay on top.  They also come with a removable 1/2" pad that is machine washable, and an opening in the back for a heating pad cord if you desire added warmth.  The beds heat up quickly with just body heat, and maintain heat very well, so I only use a heating pad in the winter when it gets exceptionally cold.

All of the beds are constructed by hand of the highest quality materials, which adds a bit to their expense.  Personally, I prefer the 'fun fur', it is the softest and the most plush.  There are cheaper materials out there, but I have worked hard to find high quality fabrics that will not shed (if you have ever worked with synthetic fur materials you know this can be a problem!)  You will LOVE these beds, but not as much as your kitties!!

Have an idea, or custom design that you would like?  Let me know!  I can work out some drawings and quotes for a bed of any size, color, and shape.  The domes are our house favorites, but I have had requests for show cage beds, barn and house shaped beds, hammock systems, and I would love to help you with exactly what you need!!

To the left are the currently available colors*.  Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image.  When asking about a color shown in a group, please let me know what the name of the group is.
*availability may vary

Basic dome bed

This is one of our most popular beds.  It comfortably fits one adult cat or 2 smaller adult cats.  The base on this one is 16 inches around, and it is approximately 14" high. 

Basic Dome Bed, $40.00 each
Additional pads, $15.00 

Red fun fur

Cream sherpa; fun fur also available in this color

True blue fun fur

Large dome bed

This is a larger version of our basic dome bed.  The base is not a lot larger at 18", but the additional curve to the sides gives it a LOT more room inside.  It is perfect for multiple cats or larger cats, and is also available as a birthing bed with an extra waterproof pad, the normal extra pad, and an opening in the top with velcro closure for additional access during the birthing process.  The birthing bed also has a 1" lip across the front of the bed to keep the tiny kittens from escaping before they are old enough to be out.  My queen loved hers, and the small lip was her only suggestion for improvement!
*Pictured with reversible, 2 color pad, available on request at no additional charge

Large dome bed, $60.00
Large dome birthing bed, $80.00
Additional extra pads, $18.00

Sage green fun fur

Cocoa fun fur

*Sparkle fun fur*

Custom Show Cage Beds

This line was inspired by my kitties' tendency to sleep on top of the dome beds; it is a reinforced square with one angled corner that works perfectly in a show cage or in your home.  The top is a sherpa hammock, and the design photographed is also lined inside with sherpa.  There are 2 openings for easy access at a show, and the angled corner makes an ideal little spot to set a food or water dish, well away from the litter pan.  It provides excellent warmth for your hairless cats at the shows, and the opening that faces the cage door provides easy access for you, and a spot for interested public to peek at your cozy kitties.  This is our most customizable bed; it can be made a square, the doors can be changed around, or multiple levels can be added for a unique kitty tower for your home!  It does not include an extra pad, and the regular square costs the same as the shape photographed.

18" W by 10" H square cage, $60.00

*Curly fur*

*Fuzzy fun fur*

*True color fur*

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on all of our products, backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee*.  All shipping charges are additional.
*does not include any shipping charges

We accept payment through PayPal, Money Order, or personal check.  Please contact us for details, or with any questions!

*Long Fun Fur*


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