Shamira Leda, Straight Coated Peterbald Kitten   Shamira Leda

photo 9/1/2007
STATUS: I am watching her development still ~
~ Kittens will be available for reservations around 7 weeks of age ~ so sign up for the waiting list now!!

The name Leda is Greek in Origin and means 'Queen'.
This little lady is a brown (TICA) ticked tabby straight coated Peterbald kitten.
As an adult, her coat will be very much like an Oriental Short Hair.
Tight, close-lying, and lacking an undercoat.
Contact me for more information!
RW SGC Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira
Volshebny Zver Dairy of Balduchi, -
Velour PD Stud
SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour, OSH ticked tabby queen
SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour -
Oriental Short Hair Queen

photo 9/1

Now just over a week old :)
photo 9/1

Only 1.5 eyes open so far...
photo 9/1

photo 8/27

too sweet newborn Peterbald kitten
Just barely dry here :)
photo 8/27

too sweet newborn Peterbald kitten
Isn't she so tiny compared to my hand!?!?
photo 8/27

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