Shamira Lex, Straight Coated Peterbald Kitten   Shamira Lex

photo 9/1/2007
STATUS: I am watching his development still ~
~ Kittens will be available for reservations around 7 weeks of age ~ so sign up for the waiting list now!!

The boy's name Lex
means 'Defender of Mankind'.
This little fellow is a black (Ebony) straight coated Peterbald kitten.
As an adult, his coat will be very much like an Oriental Short Hair.
Tight, close-lying, and lacking an undercoat.
Contact me for more information!
RW SGC Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira
Volshebny Zver Dairy of Balduchi, -
Velour PD Stud
SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour, OSH ticked tabby queen
SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour -
Oriental Short Hair Queen

Now just over a week old :)
His eyes are the last to open; just peeking now ~
photo 9/1

With the flash from the camera, you can see how thin his coat is!
photo 9/1

No flash again and he looks black lol...
photo 9/1

photo 8/27


You will be AMAZED how he will change over the next few weeks!!

He will have a coat similar to one of my past kittens, Irusan.
Check out Irusan's page
if you would like to see how this little one's coat is likely to develop!

too sweet newborn Peterbald kitten
photo 8/27

too sweet newborn Peterbald kitten
Look how naked those little legs are!
But don't worry, he will never lose his coat!
photo 8/27


This little guy is a striaght coated Peterbald.
His straight whiskers tell us that
he will never lose his coat, become hairless, or grow brushy hair.
His coat is extremely thin, and, while that is to be a little expected because they were a week premature, it is also a good indication that these kittens' coats are going to be as spectacular as a top show Oriental SH !

photo 8/27

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